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Reckon eStore FAQs

The answers to commonly asked are shown below.

How do I make purchases using the Reckon e-store?

Reckon estore is an online purchasing system, designed to make purchasing Reckon products simple. We have designed a number of videos to help make understanding how to navigate the system and complete a purchase easier. Click one of the links below to see the video demonstration. Please note you will need to be logged in to see videos designed for existing Reckon customers and partners.

Where do I find my customer ID and PIN?

If you previously purchased a Reckon product, you will find a Customer ID and password on correspondence that has been sent to you. If you have purchased a product but cannot find these details contact us. If you are a new customer you will be provided with a unique Customer ID and password after completing your purchase.

How can I pay for purchases made through the Reckon estore?

You can only purchase products through the Reckon eStore with a credit card; Visa, Mastercard and AMEX are accepted. If you would like to pay for your purchases using other payment methods please contact us.

eStore charges freight on orders - does that mean the software is not a download version?

When you purchase a product on eStore, you will be provided with your licence key and a link to download the software as soon as you complete your purchase.* You can then install your new software and get started straight away. For most purchases we also send you the software on CD in case you need to re-install your product, along with related documentation.

* Download not available for Student Editions of software and training guides.

Do I have to have the software already to buy an annual licence?

No. You don't need to already have the software if you choose the annual licence, both the software and an annual licence is included.

Can I order outside of Australia?

No. At this time it is only possible to place orders in Australia, for delivery in Australia, through the Reckon eStore.

Renew Your Product

Many annual products may be renewed on Reckon's eStore.

Once you have logged in to eStore, the menu box at the top left will include a link to "Pay a Renewal Invoice". Click on this link, and you will see a list of any unpaid renewal invoices that have been issued to you within the last 3 months. From there, simply follow the prompts to pay your renewal.

If you are renewing one of Reckon's desktop annual licence products, the extension to the expiry date of your product will be updated straight away in most cases to let you get back to work quickly.

Renewal of Hosted and Online products

Renewal of Reckon Accounts Hosted products cannot be carried out on the Reckon eStore. To renew these products please log in to Reckon Online Account Management.

Upgrade Your Product

If you are an existing Reckon customer you may be eligible for a software upgrade. Using the latest version of accounting software can help your business remain compliant with the latest tax rules.

If you have previously purchased a software licence you will need to be logged into the Reckon eStore to see if your software is eligible for an upgrade. Upgrade version of software are available at a significantly reduced price.


Which software licence is right for me?

Reckon offers three types of software licenses for you to choose from.

Annual Licence

I want to ensure my software is up to date and tax compliant and I want unlimited technical support for the duration of my licence.

Annual licenses are a cost effective way to run your business or personal finances using the latest software at a lower cost than buying it outright and upgrading each year.

As an annual licence customer, you'll receive all the latest upgrades and updates, including tax tables for your software for the remainder of your licence period. In addition, you'll receive free unlimited technical support by phone and online chat. 

It may also benefit you to explore the tax benefits of annual licence software. Consult your tax advisor for more details.

Upgrade Licence

I need to upgrade my software and I want the security of unlimited technical support.   

Upgrade licenses provide great value to existing customers who need to ensure that they have the latest features and updates to ensure their software is tax compliant.

They are also great for customers who continue to need technical support as 12 months free Reckon Advantage membership is included with upgrade licenses.

You are eligible to purchase an upgrade licence if you have an earlier full version or upgrade licence for the same product. For example, if you have an earlier Reckon Accounts business range Full Version or Upgrade, you may purchase an Upgrade licence for the current Reckon Accounts business range product.

* Reckon Advantage membership is available for free on upgrade licences of Reckon Accounts Plus, Premier 2 user and Home & Business for the first 12 months.

** Free support is not available for Reckon Accounts Home & Business, and Reckon Accounts Personal Plus.

What is cloud computing?

‘Cloud computing’, ‘cloud service’, ‘cloud provider’, ‘cloud application’ ‘cloud accounting’ and a myriad of other terms starting with the word ‘cloud’ are frequently used on websites and in the media, but what do they all mean? Put simply, ‘cloud’ is a metaphoric term used to describe the internet.

When referring to cloud accounting programs, it means being able to access your accounting software over the internet and store all business data online. You can access your data and manage your business simply by using a web browser. Reckon's online accounting products includes Reckon Accounts Hosted.

With the the Reckon Accounts Hosted Premium Service you can access your company data at any time over the internet, on any device; including a pc, a tablet, an iPad, an iPhone, an Android phone.

Some key benefits to using Reckon Accounts Hosted include:

  • access anytime, anywhere
  • you can work online or offline*
  • it is easy to share data with co-workers, a business partner and your accountant/bookkeeper
  • no more installing software onto your computer hard drive
  • lower IT infrastructure costs. All you need is a device with internet access
  • you pay for the program on a subscription basis
  • you are always using the latest version of Reckon Accounts
  • the program is scalable, if you need more users you can easily add more when required.

Find out more about Reckon's online accounting solutions >

* Reckon Accounts Enterprise desktop version required to work offline.