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Accounts Personal 2013

Reckon Accounts Personal 2013
  • For individuals wanting to better manage their finances
  • Personal cash flow management
  • Prepare for tax time and plan for the future


Product NameRRP 
Reckon Accounts Personal 2013 Full Version $99.00

Personal Finances

Manage your finances

Always have an accurate snapshot of your personal financial health. Track bank accounts, credit cards, income and expenses. You can also schedule bills and other recurring transactions, such as direct debits and salary payments.

Manage loans

Easily manage home, car, personal, interest-only and other loans. See how much principal and interest you have paid off and simulate extra payments to see the impact on balance and term of your loan.

Prepare for tax time

Great tax features ease the pain of tax time. Items can be automatically categorised in line with ATO ‘Tax Pack’ questions to help you prepare your tax returns.

Plan for the future

Use the budgeting tools to help you save and plan for the future. Create realistic budgets based on previous years’ figures and undertake ‘scenario analysis’. For example, see what happens to your savings if you reduce spending on eating out.

Savings Planner

Helps to plan your savings goals and track actual savings. Enter expected and actual expenditure for each category to see if you have met your saving goals over a set period. Smart calculators help manage budgets, credit card and more.

Personal Centre

The Personal Centre stores all personal financial information and reports so you can easily access and track personal bank accounts, income and expenses.

New Features

2012/13 Tax Line updates

2012/13 tax line updates help you with preparing your annual tax return allowing you to align data with the most recent Australian Tax Office ‘Tax Pack’ questions.

Enhancement to the backup process

To help you with safer storage and easier transfer to your accountant, Reckon Accounts backs up all your files directly into a single compressed file.

Windows 8® Compatibility

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 8®, allowing you to continue your financial management.


Online Backup

Safeguard your data before a problem occurs. Backup is an online storage application for business and personal files. Accessible anywhere at any time when you're online.
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System Requirements


  • Computer: IBM or compatible Pentium 300 (Pentium II 450 recommended) with 512 MB RAM
  • Operating System:Windows XP/Vista®/7/8* operating system and .NET Framework
  • Microsoft® Office: Compatible with Microsoft® Office XP/2003/2007/2010
  • Hard Disk Space:185 MB of disk space for Reckon Accounts installation. Please note HUBB Investor software requires 5GB disk space (see for more details).
  • CD-ROM Drive: 24x or higher
  • Internet Connection: Internet Connection: 56 Kbps modem (high speed Internet access recommended). Internet access is required for all online features/services (such as online investment tracking)
  • Printer: Any printer supported by Windows XP/Vista®/7/8 operating system
  • Scanner: Any scanner supported by Windows XP/Vista®/7/8
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 resolution (1024 x 768 recommended)
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and above

*Windows 64 bit only supported on Windows 7/8. Windows 7/8 requires minimum 1 GB RAM (32Bit) or 2GB (64bit).

Reckon recommends you install the latest service packs for Windows and Internet Explorer.